Flash & Dash – is it necessary

Well do we really need all of the flashy stuff to present good theatre. Well the short answer is NO. That is not what theatricality is about. Recently I saw a video clip of two people discussing an off broadway version of “The 39 Steps”, where the described how simply certain effects and illusions were create by a small cast and simple lighting and audio effects. Maybe everybody should be taking note of this idea. Do we need to have abig and elaborate set? Do we need a lighting rig of only moving lights? I thought theatre was about the performance and presentation of a directors ideas. Not about how much fancy gear and effects that you can put into an 2 hour show, just for the hell of it. The story has to come first. Then the interpretation of that story by the cast and technical designers and crew.

It seems that people are trying for as much flash and dash as possible in their production because they saw it else where.  Let us get back to the story and create great theatre. If the story warrants effects etc well then use them, but be creative simple solutions should be looked at.


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