Goodbye to 2 Theatres

South Australia to lose 2 more theatres. Well it seems that the South Australian Government under the auspices of Rann/Foley (Labor) have taken the axe to the Parks Community Centre. This centre is the home to 2 theatres and exhibition spaces. This community centre was the life blood of the western suburbs not only providing theatre but also sporting and community services to the surrounding suburbs. Services like health, housing and other essential services. Well it is to be no more. Rann/Foley have decided that since the council area that it is in is a safe Labor seat, they can put a bulldozer through the centre and then sell of the land to private developers. This is a tragic lose to SA and its people. This centre was built for the people. Now it is to be razed for money. The government is insensitive to the publics need. This centres theatres,have hosted many professional and local companies. Dozens of local community groups have held events in and around the Parks Community Centre. There is a Facebook page called “Save Parks Community Centre”, so feel free to visit and support this cause.

I have worked for many years as a theatre technician at this centre, and it is with sadness that I will see it destroyed by a heartless government in March 2011. I remember many of the shows, from school productions, to Adelaide Fringe and the Festival of Arts, being held in the Parks. There were 1000’s who trod the boards on the stage’s at the Parks. Does this mean nothing to the Labor Government, do they realise that they may have changed the path of many people for the better. Or does it boil down to money. Is that what government is about, money not people? This being the Festival state it seems ironic that a the government is closing or allowing the closing of venues around Adelaide.  Surely it would not cost that much to refurbish this centre, it is in an area that is being re-developed. So there are new people moving into the area all of the time, many of these people have young families that are on the look out for something to do. Well it is now certain, it seems, that they will not be able to attend any live theatre in the area. They will have to make their way in to the city to see live theatre in a dwindling number of live theatre venues.

Time for all to support the cause to try and save these venues. These venues have helped train many technicians and performers it is now time we supported them in their hour of need.


One thought on “Goodbye to 2 Theatres

  1. Well said and to the point. Its a centre which delivers to a whole range of under privileged groups. The SA Government has an annual budget of 12 thousand million dollars and they are going to bulldoze Parks Community centre for 6. They are the new right.

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