CX Rocks

CX rocks Parramatta

Well CX turned 20 and partied like 1999. It is great to see that the young and old members of our industry get together and celebrate this milestone of this august publication. I know that myself I have learnt a lot from the many writers of this journal. This mag has been one of the major sources of info in this country. All the credit for this falls on the shoulders of Julius and his dedicated team, who are willing to share there knowledge. And in this era of electronic media it is still good to see a print magazine continue.

So this party really showed what it was all about, the passing of knowledge to the next generation. Julius also runs JuliusMedia which also runs Julius Events College, which is passing on many years of experience and skills to the new generation. And from what I saw at the party shows that this task is in good hands.

The party was well attended by industry figures, loyal fans and students. There was some great entertainment on offer, from Back on the Block, Doug Parkinson and for those that stayed on Tzar Bomber. The sound from the bands was tight and the mix was crisp. It was a credit to the sound team on how well the audio was presented. It was loud without being painful. It was all well defined with all of the instruments clearly heard and the vocals cutting nicely through it all. There was never a hint of muddiness. and as is the way of PA’s these days it had a small footprint. In fact our ears were nicely assaulted by some Tannoys, great sounding boxes

The whole point in the evening I feel was summed up in a few words from Doug Parkinson, when he stated during his set “That it was great to see young ones around and that skills are being passed on”. On Doug he was sounding as good as ever, a humourous and consummate professional. He commands the stage and also is very self-effacing. His vocal technique is one that a lot of up and coming singers could learn from. So it was great to see Doug up there under lights performing his hits, which were much appreciated by the crowd.

So it seems the oldies are passing on the good stuff. And it is great to see a private institution training students to such a high standard.  May we see more of this. I feel that things are in good hands while there people still willing to give time and energy to pass on the “secrets” of our trade.

Thank you Julius for a great night.


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