News August 19th 2010

MAC 2000 Beam XB™

Martin have recently released a conversion kit for their MAC 2000 Wash XB or the MAC 2000 Wash luminaries into a powerful beam fixture. This kit is easy to fit and can be done in minutes.  Amazingly bright, the MAC 2000 Beam XB also includes smooth dimming, strobe, full colour mixing, variable CTO, colour wheel, and gobos.

  • 1500 W short arc discharge
  • CMY color mixing system
  • 4 position color wheel – interchangeable filters, full and split colors, continuous rotation
  • Continuously variable color correction
  • Super bright
  • Fat, tight, hard edge beam
  • Motorized zoom
  • Mechanical dimming
  • Micro-Fresnel lens
  • Hyper mode: Narrow beam with diffuser removed
  • 4-position beam effects wheel: interchangeable beam effect gobos
  • Strobe effect up to 10 Hz, pulse effects, instant open and blackout
  • Variable fan control for quieter operation
  • Modular design for easy maintenance, servicing and product conversion
  • Conversion kit installs in less than 5 minutes
  • Easy conversion back to a standard wash
  • Most compact fixture in its class
  • Electronic ballast with hot lamp restrike and flicker free light

For more information contact your local Martin distributor or PR Coordinator Larry Beck at Martin Professional at:

Telephone:        +1 719 686 0793

Fax:                  +45 87 40 00 10 (DK) /

+1 954 858 1811 (US)


One thought on “News August 19th 2010

  1. Hi,

    So you not happy with me pasting and cutting, well I receive dozens of media releases in my email from which I have to cull stuff for my news. A lot of it is to boring to publish, unless you are interested who has been appointed Sales Rep for Bulgaria.
    I in fact do use moving lights and LED panels. LED panels not so often as they do not often fit into my style of lighting design for stage productions, but use them for concerts. How often do you use them Mr/Ms Anonymous?

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