What online resources do you read

With a lot information online these days,were do you normally look for ideas and to ask questions. I don’t mean the equipment manufacturers and suppliers sites. These are good resources but you have to admit they are biased to their own products. But if you look around the web you will find a variety of forums. Now these forums are great for chatting to like minded individuals and exchanging ideas.  You have to be mindful that some of these people in the forums while trying to be helpful do not always have the right advice due to lack of knowledge or experience. Also you are likely also to find the odd curmudgeon that only believes there is only one way to do things at it happens to be their way. You occasional will come across a “flame” war, which is just an argument that seems to be disintegrating into name calling.

But on the whole most of them will be filled with people willing to share their knowledge with us all. So below is a list of a few of them. If you know of any others that should be mentioned feel free to let me know and I will add them.


Blue Room

UK Sound and Lighting Community

Theatre Australia

SM Network


Control Booth

Pro Lighting Space


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