News -July 2010

MA Lighting

MA Lighting have released the next version of the Grand MA 2 software. This is version [6.5] of the series 2 software. These guys are getting closer to the final release of the MA2 software. You can download this latest build and test it out, but as it is still in development you should not use it for system critical events.

You can get more info from Grand MA website

Meyer Sound

Meyer have released a new member to their MILO range of products.  The MINA are the  smallest member of the MILO® group of self-powered line array loudspeakers. The MINA has all of the same musical quality that defines the other pseakers in the MILO range. These new speakers have been designed with the smaller venues in mind. Even with their small size the can produce up 128dB SPL over a 100 deg horizontal coverage area. The have an operating frequency response of 75hz to 18kHz throughout 100 deg coverage. This line array from Meyer is very versatile and can be either a main system or used as a front fill system or under balcony system. They also integrate with the MICAS line arrays seemlessly as fill.

Meyer Sound MINA

Features and Benefits

• Very small footprint and narrow width ideal for small venues or fill applications
• Exceptional fidelity and transient response for intelligibility and high impact
• Extremely high power-to-size ratio
• Flexible mounting options
• Wide and even horizontal coverage pattern
• Seamless integration with M’elodie and MICA
• QuickFly rigging with captive GuideALinks simplifies use in flown or groundstacked arrays, alone or with M’elodie and/or
500-HP subwoofer


• Smaller theatres
• Houses of worship
• Ballrooms
• Corporate AV
• Theme parks
• Downfill or sidefill in systems using M’elodie and MICA
• Frontfill and under-balcony applications
• Touring theatrical productions

more info from Meyer Australia

Lighting Design for Modern Houses of Worship

By Richard Cadena (an E-Book)

Richard has released this rather neat E-Book that is a step by step guide to lighting for people with all levels of skill that are interested in lighting. . It covers everything from the basics of lighting, including the McCandless method of stage lighting. It also covers things like video lighting which is a major part of modern houses of worship. As we have all noticed that modern houses of worship are being developed with extensive audio and lighting systems such as used in major concerts, this book is there to help those volunteers and others that are involved in these modern churches.

Just a quick glance and the table of contents shows you how comprehensive this book is. It covers topics like – What is Lighting Design,  Language of Lighting Design, Mechanics of Lighting Design, colour Theory right through to Documentation and Paperwork.

This text is really an outstanding read and even though it is primarily focused to House of Worship there is also plenty to be gained from this text for other areas of entertainment lighting. So I suggest you click on the link below and check it out.

More information from Smashwords


One thought on “News -July 2010

  1. Stephen, thank you for posting this and for your astute observation about how this book applies to more than just churches. I’m actually considering creating another version of it for lighting design in general. It wouldn’t take much more than changing the title although that’s not my intention. Thanks again.
    Richard Cadena

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