Set Deconstruction

This is a little covered area. Set construction is often covered and I will be covering it later. But set de-construction is often not mention, so I am going to mention it and chat about it. Well the time has arrived for bump out and you have this huge set to demolish. So where do you start? It is all very well to get people to start dismantling but you do need a plan and also you need to decide what to keep and what to throw away. A lot of community theatre groups will be recycling their set. The production people need to work out before hand what should be kept and what can be broken down into its components and kept or thrown away.  Once you have worked out all of that, it is time to dismantle, now it is obvious that safety is an important part of this process. You need to think about who is doing what, are they dressed appropriately and do they have the skills. Now if the set is a tall set you also need to think about the stuff that is up high. Remove this first and make sure that the people working on ladders are doing so safely and that there are no people directly below them. Once you have started  you need to sort out the materials and store them away safely. Now one of the most annoying things that people do during bump out is not removing nails and screws in the rush to get to the after show party. I have come across this many times or should I say my hands have come across this. So make sure that all screws and nails are removed from all timber and recycle if needed. Also keep the floor area as clean as possible , assign someone to continually sweep the floor and pick up nails, screws etc as the bump out progresses.

If everybody works as a team the bump out will be completed in reasonable time for everybody to enjoy the after party.

Image by Elsie esq


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