EAW News – New Speakers Released

At the recent  InfoComm 2010, EAW launched 20 new products – all designed and built in the U.S. From the flexible JF/JFNT 2-ways, the compact and powerful KF/KFNT 3-ways to the ultra-precise and powerful QX series, our new gear created quite a splash at the show. EAW also broke ground with the announcement of partnerships with Lab.gruppen and Powersoft.

So lets have a quick look at them.

KF/KFNT Series

Well to start there is the new KF and KFNT series which are a ultra-compact 3-way speaker system that deliver outstanding performance in a lightweight package. The range includes 2 passive boxes, the KF364 and KF394. The self-powered models are the KF200NT, KF364NT and KF394NT. They are all medium format speakers except the KF200NT which is a small format speaker. This range adds even more speakers to an already great range of products. They have the exceptional sound that is normal for EAW.  The NT’s have the built in EAW focus processor, this is the same processor that is available as the UX8800 processor. The boxes come with class-leading neodymium speaker components and co-axial mid/high drivers. All boxes offer M10 installation points.






THe new JF series of speakers are 2-ways systems that redefine the concept of application flexibility. In this series there are 10 new compact boxes on offer. So the latest range includes JF8, JF10, JF26, JF29, JF56, and JF59; while the new integrated JFNT units include JF26NT, JF29NT, JF56NT, and JF59NT.  All of these boxes are scalable, compact, lightweight and a very good choice for small to medium size venues. The new JF models also include 200mm and 250mm systems plus 4  300mm and 380mm systems.  (60 x 45deg and 90 x 45deg horn versions of both). Again these will sound at their best with EAW Focus processing. THe JFNT are of course self powered with all of the processing on-board. They also able to offer multi channel digital audio transmission with remote software control and monitoring capability. And as will all EAW speakers there is a whole range of accessories to make installation very easy.


The New EAW JF10



QX Series

This new series is a neat solution for installed system applications. These speakers are designed for applications where precise directivity is required in a compact form. All full range boxes have a squared, symmetrical, dual-trapezoidal enclosure. This provides unlimited array flexibility. The MF/HF horn is centrally located and a team of 4 low frequency drivers work together to ensure that the entire frontal area of the box contributes to the horizontal and vertical pattern control. The boxes are ideal for  churches, outdoor venues, performing arts centres. The five new QX models are : QX596 (dispersion pattern: 90 degrees x 60 degrees), QX594 (90 degrees x 45 degrees), QX566 (60 degrees x 60 degrees), QX564 (60 degrees x 45 degrees) and QX544 (45 degrees x 45 degrees).

EAW QX series

The new EAW QX Series

We are certainly looking forward to hearing these boxes in Australia. More information can be got at EAW


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