NEWS – June 2010

Philips Selecon introduces SPX

Ellipsoidals for the 21st Century

The result of the Philips Selecon team’s passion for Performance, Precision, Simplicity and Safety the SPX has been designed to meet the evolving needs of 21st century entertainment lighting practice.

We believe it is outstanding in its class with many new and innovative features while still retaining the intuitive controls, beam angles and appearance with which you are familiar.

Complementing our existing Pacific and Acclaim ranges SPX offers a more efficient, reliable and safer solution for everyone working in a hands-on capacity in a theatre lighting environment regardless of age, experience, amateur or professional status.

With up to 63% more light than the current industry benchmark product SPX is the first luminaire to fully exploit and successfully deal with the high heat associated with the latest generation compact filament 800W lamps.

SPX delivers more light on to your stage for less energy consumption due to the greater system efficiency, up to 27% more efficient than the current industry benchmark.

Easier to use, with precise adjustment of the beam (Peak/Flat); a moulded yoke that is twice the stiffness of steel; full baffling to ensure no distracting light spill; shutter lock; reference scales for all adjustments and cool touch rear module and lens barrel make SPX a delight to use.

The Philips Selecon Three Year warranty attests to our confidence and guarantee of the lowest cost of ownership, meeting Venue and Rental Companies’ management concerns about ongoing operating costs.

Your safety while using our luminaires is foremost in our designers’ minds. SPX is the first double insulated stage lighting luminaire, it fully meets CE requirements for electrical isolation of the lamp when opening the unit, so can be safely used by all, students, teachers and professionals.

The new Selecon SPX fixture

The SPX range comprises:
15°-35° and 25°-50° Zoomspots
14°, 19°, 26°, 36°, 50° Fixed Beams
Lamp: 600W or 800W GKV.

The SPX is available now, please contact your Philips Selecon dealer to arrange a sample unit to trial in your venue or the Philips Entertainment team.
For the full story go to – don’t miss the Meet SPX PDF available as a download on the Specifications page.

(release courtesy of Phillips Selecon Tech News)


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