Review – Concert Lighting (3rd Edition) by James Moody

Review by Stephen Dean

This book has been around for a while and this latest is the third edition. I in fact own a copy of the first edition and this latest incantation is a greatly improved version of a good book. James Moody is definitely a master of his subject. So it was with pleasure that I turned the first page of this new edition. And as is expected, the text is well written and very easy to read. Reading this book you can sense that James is a master of his subject and that he is a willing teacher. He can also impart his knowledge in a friendly easy to read format that keeps the reader engaged. James methods are very practicable and come from many years of experience. And experience is probably the best teacher.  James calls on his many years in the industry and teaching. From reading this text you can see that he has done extensive research to make sure that the information in the book is as up to date as possible.

This is a comprehensive book on lighting design for concerts. The text is based around the rock and roll industry with emphasis on techniques and equipment. The topics covered range from pre-production, thru to various equipment types – like moving heads, LEDS, lighting desks, dimmers, to truss in individual chapters. These chapters also explain the evolution of these items as well. Even though the book is written by an American and probably mainly aimed at the American market a lot of what is written is very relevant to the industry here in Australia. As this is a global industry, we do need to keep up with what is happening in the rest of the world and this book is fantastic for doing just that.

A really nice feature of this book is the interviews with some of the top lighting people in the industry. The text also looks at the industry from the artist’s perspective as well.

This book is a great read, and I recommend it for those just starting out or for seasoned professionals. This book helps you keep your knowledge fresh and is a reminder that the industry is moving forward and that we should try and keep up with the basic advances that seem to be happening daily. This book should be considered a tool in the lighting technician and/or designer’s toolkit. I highly recommend that you beg, borrow, or buy yourself a copy of this text.

Concert Lighting (3rd Edition) by James Moddy

Publisher: Focal Press

RRP: $80 -$106 Depends on which bookstore


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