News April

Martin to release new Entour

Martin are about to release the MAC 350 Entour. This new MAC uses cutting edge LED technology in a profile format. This new fitting has an 8000 lumen output for bright sharp intense beams of light. To achieve this intensity it uses 7 high powered LEDs. The gives it an output brighter than a 300Watt HID fixture and with the long life of LEDs –  no lamp replacement costs, it has a minimum LED life of 60,000 hours. It weighs just under 17kgs. The unit has full electronic dimming and runs very quiet.

Other features include:

Color wheel: 8 interchangeable dichroic filters + open, full and split colors, music trig, continuous rotation, random color

Rotating gobo wheel: 6 interchangeable gobos + open, indexing, continuous gobo rotation & scrolling, shake

Iris: Motorized

Electronic dimming: 0 – 100%, choice of four dimming curves

Strobe effect: Electronic, with pulse and random effects

Focus: 2 m (6.6 ft.) to infinity

Pan: 540°

Tilt: 257°

Adjustable pan/tilt and effects speed

MAC 350 Entour

Martin M1 Controller

Martin have also released their next generation lighting controller, the M1. This state of the art controller combines the power of a large console with the agility of a light weight desk.

The new Martin M1 Controller

Features include:

* High resolution folding touchscreen

* Digital LCD buttons for fast and direct parameter access

* Multiple wing attachment (Maxxyz Modules)

* 4x DMX Universes direct from the console; up to 12 Universes with optional license

* Maxxyz Manager Software for programming and triggering via time and calendar schedules

* Customizable Graphical User Interface with context sensitive toolbars and integrated help menu

* Powerful effects engine

* Controls up to 6144 parameters

* 1000 cuelists with fader control

* 1000 cuelists with playback control buttons

* Two separate playback sections

* Parallel execution of multiple cuelists

* Submaster, groupmaster and override functionality

* Parameter and time-fanning functionality

* Auto update for presets and cues

* On-the-fly global timing adjustments

Further information can be got from Martin


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