ProLight+Sound 2010.

DiGiCo Debuts Compact SD9

At htis years show DiGiCo have launched their new compact SD 9 console. This new console has  mixing surface, a D-Rack digital stage interface and CAT5E digital multi-core. One neat feature is the ability to record 56 channels of audio to multi-track software or a Digital Audio Workstation. The work surface has an attractive full colour lcd screen that is also touch sensitive. There 24 motorised flying faders.The fader knobs are also touch sensitive .There also some other neat features such as high resolution bar graphs, easy access encoders. Plus there is a whole host of user defined  LCD scribble strips, this ensures that all functions can be available all of the time with out hunting for them.  The software driving this console is the next version of the Sealth Digital Processing software. And the software is very versatile, you can acess a whole range of features designed to make the engineers job easier and also to offer plenty of scope to configure the console to their liking and way of mixing.

The D-rack digital stage interface is a new floor or rack mount stage box from DiGiCo, with 32 inputs and up to 16 outputs all on one CAT5E cable. And that’s only the half of it: double your capacity by connecting two D-Racks to one console. A very useful function you would all agree.

digico sd9

The New DiGiCo SD 9

ROBE Lighting releases new products

Robe this year released 11 new products at the show. They are expanding their ROBIN range to include a powerful and versatile 600 range and a Classic 300 range of fully-featured value-conscious units. There also the ColorBeam 2500E AT that has been added to Robe’s AT Series, taking the concept of concentrated high powered lightsources into a new dimension, and the new Light4ce which is a very bright range of indoor and outdoor LED fixtures.

Robin 600E

The New ROBE ROBIN 600E Spot

The  products that ROBE have also released are:

ColorSpot 1200E AT the profile version of Robe’s flagship.One of the many features and functions of ColorSpot 1200E ATis  it has inbuilt modular framing shutters that enable the fixture to be used like any standard profile discharge lightsource, when very precise framing and pin-pointing of objects and areas onstage is required.

ColorBeam 2500E AT™ fixture is also released following the phenomenal success of Robe’s ColorBeam 700E AT, this new fixture is the most powerful produced by ROBE. This fixture delivers an exceptionally bright and intense beam light output, zoom facility provides variable beam size from between 1.5 and 10 degrees. Rotating gobos and rotating prisms can be used to create spectacular mid-air effects and there is also full CMY/CTO and variable frost for creating fabulous washing effects in a wide variety of colours.

The ROBIN 600E Wash also features a fantastic light output and lower power requirements – thanks to the new 575W lamp and optimised optical path comprising of carefully selected components.

The ROBIN 600E Beam which has an amazing linear iris ranging between 1 and 6.5 degrees.

ROBIN 300 Spot Classic which is a nice punchy profile  with rotating gobos and and colour wheel. This is a great fixture for smaller venues and shows.

ROBIN 300 Wash Classic also another fixture that is suitable for smaller venues but it still packs a punch with a great range of colours that spin at a range of speeds to create rainbow like effects.

ROBE also released the Light4ce – a new series of LED products.

LEDForce LED PARs have been developed to complement and/or replace conventional PARs. The market these are aimed at is clubs, rental etc. These are designed as workhorse fittings designed to be low powered but high powered output. Longlife is also a consideration along with low maintenance.

LEDForce 7 RGB/RGBW are tri-colour and quad colour units. The a compact units with a very bright beam. They also have very little pixelating or multi-colour shadows. The LED technology is 7 x 3 in 1 RGB LED or a 7 x 3 in 1 RGBW LED multichip. They also other smooth colour mixing.

The LEDForce 18eXterior™  RGB/RGBW and the LEDForce 18™RGB/RGBW . These fittings use  tri-colour and quad-colour LED technology with an 18 x 3 in 1 RGB LED or an 18 x 3 in 1 RGBW LED multichip. The eXterior is   rated for outdoor use. The LEDForce 18™ RGB/RGBW fixture is an indoor unit with exactly the same spec as the LEDForce 18 eXterior™ RGB/RGBW. They both have a nice bright beam with a beam angle of about 25 deg, they also have smooth colour mixing with minimal pixelating.


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