iPhone app – Real Time analyzer by Studio Six Digital

Real Time Analyser by Studio Six Digital

I have had this app for a little while and have been using it a fair bit. The more I use this app the more I like it and therefore the more I rely on it to help me set up PA systems for shows etc. This app is one of many that are available for the audio engineer and it just goes to show you how useful the iPhone has become to a lot of people.

Now this app has a lot of neat features to make your life easy as a noise boy. So what does the phone app do? Well it does a real time analyze of a room acoustics. So how does this work? You feed pink noise into the PA system and you then measure the resulting output with a decent quality microphone and RTA device. You then use your graphic equalisers to get the result as level as possible. Of course you should also use your ears and never totally rely on on a machine to eq your venue or system. You ears should be the final judge.

Well this app does all of the above. It has a pink noise generator. And it can use the inbuilt internal microphone or the headset mic. You could even get a lead made up to plug in your favourite mic and still access the pick noise output from the combined output socket that apple have put on the top of the phone. You can also get and adaptor for the multiway connector on the base of the phone. I have mainly used the inbuilt microphone of the iPhone when I have used this app.

So what else does this app also offer? Well it can be set up as a 1/3 octave analyzer or an octave analyzer. I suggest using it in the 1/3 octave range for better results. You can also set up a decay function; this is basically so that you can view the results without them disappearing before you get a chance to see the result. You can roll the scale up and down with a finger swipe as well.

RTA Main Screen

Now there is a calibration set up page for the software. This is where you can set up which microphone you are using; you can trim the mic with a software gain control. Here you can also set the noise curve overlay and you have 7 choices of curves. Another a choice that can be set is the minimum and maximum indicators on the display. You also set the weighting for the overall dB reading and turn the pink noise on and off.

Set Up Screen

The software also has a neat help file that explains how it works and how to use the software.

In practice it all works very well. You might need to buy a cable or make one to connect it to your PA, but once you have that basic item you are set to go. So you plug it in, turn on the pink noise, bypass the desk eq and bring up your levels slowly like you would when setting your desk. Now press the little arrow head at the top of the screen and the mic is now analyzing the overall sound of the PA and the venue.  Now adjust the eq’s until it looks level and then play your favourite CD thru the system to listen to it and see if it is to your liking. Sounds to easy, but when you have a piece of kit like this it does become easier, you have a software application that takes some of the pain out of tuning a PA. And since it is on your phone not sitting in a road case it is easy to carry it around with you and not worry about freight costs of carting your favourite RTA unit around.

I think the guys at Studio Six Digital have done a sterling job developing this app for the iPhone. I am very happy using it and it is at a reasonable price.

So if you have an iPhone this is a worthwhile app to have.

You can get it from here: Studio Six Digital


2 thoughts on “iPhone app – Real Time analyzer by Studio Six Digital

  1. hey read this post and loved it. i am in a 12 piece string band called the strzelecki stringbusters all acoustic instruments and vocals around a rhode nt2a and neumann condenser mics all 12 of us we have 1500w powered rca speakers twin db eqs and soundcraft desk. i would like you to give me a step by step instruction if you would on how to use the rta app to eq the room .this month we have andrew claremont coming down to yinnar to play next month mike compton,this thing is getting bigger than ben hur and id like to think i can set this thing up as good as i can . if you think this app is appropriatefor a pub lounge low cielings 200 people carpet no monitors let me know what you think.regards ray negro

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