Adelaide Fringe Festival 2010 – Up Late and Alone in Denmark

Up Late and Alone in Denmark

a review for techies

I saw this production last night and it  blew me away. This amazing monologue to me proves that theatre can be simple and brilliant. James Heard has voice that is easy to listen to and has the vocal talents so that his whisper can be heard the length of the Studio Theatre at the Bakehouse. The set is nice and simple a single chair, with papers and a cloth just lying there on the stage. The simplicity of this setting complements the the acting perfectly. The sound track which more of an underscore to the performance is very well conceived. It underscores and seems to highlight the important parts of the dialogue brilliantly.

From a technical point of view, and I am a technician/designer, it was great. This is theatre that is simple but technically brilliant. There is no flashy effects for effects sake. There are no moving lights. The lighting grid is not full of lights. There is very little lighting equipment used. This proves that you do not need a truck load of gear to present brilliant theatre. You just need ideas. Simple is often the best. The lighting was done with 3 spots and a dolphin torch. The use of shadows was the uplifting element for me in the lighting. Good lighting to me is the use of shadows. You do not need to light the whole stage. This show would have been ruined if they had used more equipment.

So for me this was a great piece of theatre and what fringe festivals should be about.

Well done to the following.

Written and performed by James Beach
Directed by Anthony Skuse
Lighting and Sound  Operator Caitlin Porter


One thought on “Adelaide Fringe Festival 2010 – Up Late and Alone in Denmark

  1. Great review Stephen. I agree with your “less is more” philosophy.
    I also think its a great idea to have some reviews that are specifically for techs.
    Might have to pinch one sentence and put it in the main part of the bakehouse website

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