Plan B

Intrigued? Well do you have a plan B just in case? Have you thought through what might happen if something goes wrong, a cast member misses a line that is a cue point. What are you going to do. One of the best pieces of advice that I received many years ago was to always have a plan B ready just in case something goes wrong. And in the entertainment industry that is doubly so. Once you have worked out your Plan A it is now time to work on contingency plans for what can go wrong. Now you are not going to be able to plan for every possible event failure. But if you have thought about and documents potential scenarios and possible solutions. Once you are all thinking along those lines and you are aware that something could go wrong, if something does go wrong you are prepared. You will already be thinking things through as they happen. Scenarios will be occurring in your head.

This industry does require you to plan well in advance and not just how the event will happen but also to plan for things that might not happen. All staff on an event or show should always be mindful of what is happening around and also mindful of the tasks that they are performing and thinking about the consequences of their actions.

we all need to be thinking about what could happen if we we do a task one way or the other. Team meeting are a great way to discuss this sort of thing. Therefore is on the same page. Everybody knows what is going on and what to do or who to turn to if it goes pear shaped. Do not rely on others to pass on the info down the line. Get everybody together and talk about. And if you have new crew and staff in each day do it daily. Everybody safety could be at stake.

The Plan B process does not necessarily pertain to safety it can also apply to the running of a show – someone misses an entrance or does not say a certain line, it could throw a show out of kilter. Here you also need to have a plan so that you can get around this sort of glitch.

If you plan well it should go to plan.


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