Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony.

For many years we have been treated to more and more spectacular opening ceremonies.
And one of the companies that have been a major player in these is David Atkins Enterprises. The company was set up by David Atkins and Ignatius Jones. And this event is no different. This is the first time that the opening ceremony has been held inside a venue, and you can understand why it was held inside. This show has some real clever stuff that would have been impossible in an open roofed venue.
From the opening of the event you new it was going to be great. The traditional landowner ceremony with the totems that rose from the floor gave rise to the thought that we were in for something special technically as well as visually.
The use of snow and moving lights was well thought and executed. And it is very nice to see follow spots used exceptionally well by very skilled operators. But what is stand out is the use of projection. This is probably the best I have ever seen. The northern lights wow. The ice cracking sequence was just technically and artistically brilliant. But it was the whale’s scene that was possibly the most amazing piece of synchronising vision and special effects. Now I am not to sure how they did the projections on the stadium floor, but they were masterful. There are several ways of doing this, the most obvious is overhead. But I did not notice projected images on the performers. They could have projected from the side at a slight angle and used software to correct for image distortion. Another way would be to project from underneath or use LED screens as the service. Whatever method they used it looked and worked fantastically.
The integration of projection and moving fixtures was a credit to the designers. The whole artistic part of the opening ceremony flowed beautifully and never seemed cheesy.
The use of scenic element s also well thought out and used, the use of cloth and scrims is as old as theatre but here they were used with some of the latest technology and the result was stunning. It is good to see the old with the new.
I think everyone would agree that the ceremony looked stunning.
When I get more information about how it was all done I will fill you in. And hopefully some pictures. But for now let’s remember that even for faults and glitches it was still a great piece of entertainment. Well Done.


2 thoughts on “Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony.

  1. I totally agree – the whale scene was amazing. I hope that someone has a video posted of it so I can watch that scene again. It will be nice to find out how they pulled it off.

    It was unbelievable.

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