iPhone apps – 2 more theatre related

There has been even more iPhone apps released that designed for the entertainment professional. So I am going to have a look at a couple of the new ones.

Show Tool SM

This one is not lighting or audio orientated, this is designed for Stage Managers. The new app for the iPhone was written by Daniel Murfin author of the highly successful ShowTool LD (I will review in a later post). The tool is a combination of a Stop Watch and list function.  The stopwatch function is very useful as it is basicly a neat lap timer that can have custom labels. So you can nae each time with its act and scene number. Or you could time each cue if you wanted. The way to use this function is up to you. Youj can also generate props lists ,checklists and a list of stage markings. It might be a simple tool but it does remove the drudgery of paperwork by finding another cool use to your iPhone or iTouch device. You can then email yourself or anyone the lists and info that you have created.

I have been trying this tool for a few days and I would recommend it. And at $5.99 it represents a good investment.

You can get this great app here


The app is really a blog reading tool for the iSquint website. The iSquint website is a great blog about  entertainment lighting news and review. This great little app means you can have this blog in your hand during those quiet moments during a show. It also has links to their podcasts, Twitter feed and youtube videos that they have posted. It is great to see a fellow blog site produce such a neat application. It is free and I highly recommend it.

You can get this app here


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