Apple iPad

With Apple releasing the new iPad it makes me wonder how soon people will be developing a whole bunch of apps for the device. There are quite a few apps for lighting and audio designed for the iPhone and I imagine they are busy working on a whole bunch more that will look great on this new device. The phone phone apps will run on the iPad but they will not look as good as the ones written specifically for the iPad. Now the iPad is a bit like a huge iTouch rather than a iPhone. e have all probably all used other iPhone as a playback device , or audio/ lighting tool when it has rung because we have forgotten to put it into airplane mode. Well this is not going to happen with the iPad. In fact this could be the perfect lighting/audio toolkit that is out there. The screen is nice clear, bright and big. The information is going to be easier to see. So if the devdelopers of the apps that we currently use on the iPhone have their act together and scale them appropiately we are going to be suprised.

So I now myself I am looking forward to see what software is coming for the iPad.


image from apple

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