Tidy Venues

Ah the joy of working in a neat and tidy venue. How often have you worked in a venue that has been untidy. You have a lot of trouble fault finding if something go wrong. It often surprises me when I go in to an untidy venue and try and work, I wonder how do the permanent venue techs expect us to cope. Cabling is the worse offender, how often have you seen knotted piles of cable at lighting patch bay,or on catwalks -(OH &S concern). Messy Audio leads at the back of consoles. What is often worse is that these pieces of equipment are permanently installed and therefore the cabling could be customised  and neatly cable tied or put in channels. Or the storage cupboard with all sorts of gadgets just pushed in, making it very difficult for someone to get that remote control  without there being a sudden pile of expensive gear at your feet.

How often have you gone looking for a hammer or pliers that were not put back in the right place. Toolboxes are good but shadow boards are better. And maybe have multiplies of tools with them at different locations in the venue so the techs don’t have as far to walk to return a tool to the correct place. Also a good idea to engrave the venues tools as well. Well meaning clients in the rush of a bump out sometimes forget to return them.

And labelling is also a great idea. That way you can easily find the other end of a potential cable. Label shelves and cupboards so people know where the gear has to be returned to. Make sure everybody that works at the venue goes thru an orientation process so that they are familiar with the layout and were everything is stored.

A lot of organisation is common sense. Keep things near where they are likely to be used. If you see something out of place in your travels around the venue take that extra time to put it back. You could be saving valuable client time if a tech can find quickly what they are after.


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