Free Software

These days of software being used to simplified the tasks of theatre professionals are great. But for those that are just starting out the cost of some of this software can be prohibitive. So it is nice to see that some people are developing software that is free or very, very cheap. so here are a couple of examples of what is available.

Lighting Design

This is a basic lighting design program that allows you to produce 2 dimensional lighting plans and the associated paperwork (equipment lists, gel lists, etc.)


  • Denote acting areas and set using simple geometric shapes and lines.
  • Add lighting bars (simple or multipart).
  • Add lanterns (freestanding or attached to bars).
  • Record properties for each lantern (make, model, gel, gobo, etc.)
  • Generate reports (equipment list, gel list, gobo list, focusing).
  • Print or export the plan as a Windows Meta file (WMF).
  • Includes user editable lantern and gel libraries.


  • Limited range of lantern symbols.
  • Very basic drawing tools for set, etc.
  • No 3D, visualisation, etc.

You can get this software from here


MultiPlay is a Windows based program designed to play audio cues for theatre or corporate use. It is free to use in both amateur and commercial environments. Feature suggestions and bug reports are welcomed.

A wide range (wav, mp3, wma, etc) of audio files are supported. If your installation of Windows Media Player can play it, so can MultiPlay.

The following cue types are available:

  • Single (mono or stereo) audio file
  • A list of audio files to play sequentially for pre-show, intermission, etc
  • Timed pauses
  • Fade one or more running cues
  • Serial strings to trigger an external device

Cues can be linked in various ways to play at the same time or after each other, etc as well as stop/fade other cues. Cue lists can be named, saved, loaded, printed and exported.

Each audio cue can be assigned to one of 4 audio groups. Each of those group can be assigned any one of the available stereo audio cards. A preview function can be routed to a 5th stereo output.

You can get it from here

Please do support these developers. and if you know of any other free or cheap software please let me know and I will try it out and give it a write up.


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