iPhone App ShowTool LD Updated to Version 2.0

Another cool iPhone app that is a useful tool for lighting techs. Well Daniel Murfin the iPhone developer and creator of ShowTool LD iPhone app, has just released an update to the app to version 2.0. This app has been totally redesigned from the ground up thus making it much faster and has a better interface that is more user friendly. The app performs many different tasks:

Quickly calculate beam angles, throw distances and beam diameter. 2 easy to use modes providing a choice of speed or super accuracy.

Powerful functionality for calculating the number of cuts and wastage from all major gel manufacturers and a wide range of frame sizes. Specify your own frame size or choose from a wide range of standard lanterns.

Quickly input DMX values and see the dip switches change live in front of you! Works with both major dip switch configurations. Fully integrated with the DMX Calc, see below.

Set the local address and universe to see the global DMX address, or set the global address to see the local address and universe simply and swiftly. Specify channels per fixture and this will update a list of 12 fixtures with the various addresses. Need to set the dips for a fixture? Simply click the button for each fixture and the Dips Calc will load showing you just how to set the switches.

Quick and easy power calculations in both single and 3 phase configurations. Specify current and voltage and quickly see how many of your selected fixture can be powered by the circuit.

All features provide full metric and imperial options as well as providing international number formatting support. Language localization architecture is now built in and new languages will be added soon.

More great features and utilities planned, with free updates for all users.

Available from the ITunes App store here


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