Holiday Fun – part 2

Show Notes

Here are some show notes I have stolen from another website 🙂
If you have any of your own humour you would like to share please send it to me.

Show: Polygraph, Nottingham Playhouse 2001
“When Mr W. came through the wall he said he broke the wall with his forehead and his nose. He is OK but would rather not do that again”
Submitted by LX technician, Nick Morris, 3 May 2007

Show: Peter Pan, Childrens production
“ASM failed to construct the promised remotely controlled Crocodile in time for the first night. Cosequently, his solution was to dress himself in black, tie the Croc’s wire and canvas structure to his back and make his entrance riding a skateboard flat on his stomach. Unfortunately he also failed to leave himself enough time to execute this move. and having omitted to warn the DSM or cast of his intentions. he merely threw the Croc to centre stage where Peter Pan and Wendy had to jump on and ride the Croc off stage like a hobby horse, to ‘rescue’ themselves from the lagoon. Simultaneously the DSM had to maintain the illusion of the lagoon ‘tide’ coming in over them by rescuing and quickly learning how to operate the smoke machine.”
Submitted by DSM, Julie Heywood, September 2006

Show: Pippin, Troy University, Alabama (January 2006)
“Opening night: PSM was at FOH doing last minute checks with the HM when an audience member some how got into the lobby. He walked up to PSM and HM and said, “Wuz this show ya’ll doin’ called “Pimpin’?” PSM explained to him that it was a musical called “Pippin” not “Pimpin'” He then told PSM “Ya’ll should do a show called “Pimpin'” I’d come see a show called “Pimpin'” I don’t want to see no s*** called “Pippin.” HM left the conversation before she died of laughter. PSM apologized to the man but invited to watch the show. The man declined.”
Submitted by Cassie Robinson, August 2006

Show: Talent Show 2006 (FHHS)
“LX cue 4 missed due to teacher b*tching about actress not being in the light during previous act.”
Submitted by R. O’Shea, May 2006

Show: Urinetown the Musical, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
“On the final run of the show, a technician decides
to check a hazer in a hallway that has a particulate smoke detector. Needless to say, the fire alarm goes off during Act II scene 4. The audience is evacuated in the rain, and cast members were huddled under the awning between the two theaters. We restarted the the scene and
finished the show. We got a standing ovation.”
Submitted by Devon Schronce, October 2005

Show: The Dining Room, Chichester College, 19 May 2005

20:46 LX cue 6 was late due to LX Op standing in front of dimmer pack one putting out fire.

Submitted by James A Jones (SM and LX op), May 2005

Show: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
“The TD had to leave 15 minutes before curtain up due to the gaping flesh wound in his head. SM called only other person legally allowed to operate pyros, ATD, whose reaction to the TD’s swift exit was ‘What in the **** was he doing headbutting a door?’
TD returns after interval, mildly concussed and with surgical glue holding his head together. SM decides he isn’t fit to blow things up.”

Submitted by Sid, March 2005

Show: Aladdin 2004, Perth Repertory Theatre
“Wee Wishee Washie’s Wig Was Well Wonky.”

Submitted by David Smout, December 2004

Show: Zombie Prom, College production
Sound note given after tech rehearsal:
As long as we hear voices all of the time, we’re happy
To which the TD responded:
Unless the voices tell us to kill people.

Submitted by Mike Brancato, November 2004


One thought on “Holiday Fun – part 2

  1. During tech rehearsal

    From one of the crew’s walkie talkie, which has no earpiece n volume at max,

    Techie A: Techie B! Where are you!

    The conversaion echoed in on the stage.

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