Review – ARX USB DI

how often have you plugged your laptop (or a clients) into the pa system, opened a channel and gone “oh s**t”. With a lot of laptops you often get noise from the inbuilt soundcard, there are very few laptops that have a nice clean sound output. Most often you have to connect to the headphone out which is also a bit hot for many desks. Well this is the device for you. If you don’t want to spend big bucks on a m-audio interface or similar how about an ARX’s USB DI box. This is really a great bit of kit to have in your audio toolbox. I tried one the other day with my laptop to listen to some music as I was doing a set up and I was really pleased with the result. This is easy to set up, a usb cable plus into the unit from the laptop and then a couple of mic leads into the desk. It requires no softwares drivers when installed under Window XP/Vista or Windows 7. It is true plug and play. A LED indicator lets you know that it is connected to you laptop.

The result was a nice clean sound from my laptop, so I was very pleased.It was a pity I had to return the unit to thre rightful owner.  I recommend you get one today and remember that is an Australian manufacturer.

More info can be got from their website. ARX


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