End of Year Frenzy

As you may have noticed that I have not been that busy on the blog for the last few days. Well I have been busy with the end of year regime of concerts and school speech nights. This time of the year is often filled with these types of events. These events are often fraught with tension on the part of the client. And you may end up doing a couple each day. So how do we make things easier for everybody? It has been suggested that we give the client a limited range of options in their set up. We need to meet with the client early and sit down and plan the event, work out the logistics and also plan where various items will go on stage. Make sure that you rehearse all elements of the event. Make sure that the PowerPoint and other media files will all work with your system. And is often the case the client need to makes changes to the PowerPoint when they view it in your venue due to poor choice of colours or fonts to small or hard to read. If the guest speaker has any media that requires playing, get it early in case they have used an incompatible format. To make these events run smoothly is rehearsal of all elements. Make sure you get the latest version of the running order and script, this is especially useful to make notes of lighting state changes, audio cues and A/V cues.
There is nothing more disconcerting when a new element is added to an event at the last moment. But if everything else has been rehearsed it might be easy to slip it in, but don’t be afraid to say no we cannot change from what is rehearsed. Sometimes it is best to say to the client keep it simple, the more over the top the event is the more likely there is going to be a glitch.
So the secret is communication and keeping them simple – then fewer headaches for all concerned.


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