NEWS 27th Nov 2009

ETC Software Release

ETC has released new software for the Eos® family (Eos, Ion® and Element™) of control: v1.8. You can access the Release Note for this upgrade, and download the software for free from the Downloads section of

ETC’s YouTube channel now includes a video of Eos Product Manager Anne Valentino explaining all the features added in v1.8, which can be found at More information is also available on the Eos and Ion user forums, and in the 1.8 User Supplement.

The upgrade includes the following updates and changes:

Increased output on Ion
Ion is now available in five- and six-universe increments (Ion 2500 and Ion 3000). The Ion RPU is also available with six universes (Ion 3K RPU). Existing Ions and RPUS can be upgraded to these increased outputs.

Mirror mode
When an Eos or Ion device connects to the network, it is possible to “mirror” another device (called the host) on the system. When a device is in mirror mode, the displays that are present on the host are shown in exactly the same format, page and flexichannel state on the mirroring device. Concurrent with this, it will now be possible to connect a PC using the offline software without a client dongle. When this is done, that PC can only operate in mirror mode.

Mirror mode makes it possible to use a PC with offline software or an RVI with Element, operating in mirror mode only.

Version1.8 also supports a fan function to distribute parameter and timing data. On Eos and Ion, fan is both a command-line function and an encoder function. A number of fan options are provided. Fan in Element is much simpler: it is a command-line function only, always operating in ‘From Start’ channel mode.

Show control
A number of changes have been made to allow easier live editing of time code events.

Dimmer feedback
Several Sensor®-dimmer feedback issues in v1.7 have been resolved in v1.8. We have also implemented dimmer feedback from our German FDX dimming systems.

End-users are encouraged to upgrade to v1.8 at their earliest opportunity. Please remember that any RVIs (Remote Video Interfaces) and RPUs (Remote Processor Units) in use will also need to run the same version of software that the main consoles use.


Burlington, MA – LDI 2009 – Philips Color Kinetics today announced two powerful LED floodlights specifically designed to withstand the rigors of the rental and entertainment environments.
ColorReach™ TR Powercore and iW® Reach TR Powercore are the road-ready versions of ColorReach Powercore, the flagship high-performance floodlight from Philips Color Kinetics. These rental-friendly floodlights generate enough light output to replace multiple flood and wash fixtures for large-scale and long-throw applications.
ColorReach TR Powercore offers over 5,000 lumens of output, light projection of over 500 feet, and the ability to natively generate millions of colors and dynamic effects without the need for maintenance-intensive colored gels, filters, or mechanical scrollers. New royal blue LEDs are standard with ColorReach TR Powercore to offer deeper, more saturated color projection in theatrical and touring projects. iW Reach TR Powercore produces intense washes of tunable white light in color temperatures ranging from a warm 2700 K to a cool 6500 K. With over 10,000 lumens of output and light projection of over 800 feet, iW Reach TR Powercore significantly outperforms competitive fixtures on the market.

Both fixtures offer a range of entertainment- and stage-specific features, including a lightweight yoke for mounting to pipes, trusses, and stands, and an optional accessory holder for freestanding installations. Available spread lenses, barndoors, top hats, egg crate louvers, and other accessories slide into the accessory holder for easy swapping. Optional 16-bit control provides ultra-smooth dimming.

These six-channel fixtures are also available with custom LED configurations in any combination of blue, royal blue, green, amber, red, and white LEDs in eight color temperatures.


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