News November 2009

Martin MAC 250 Beam™ Brings New Life to MAC 250 Wash™

Converts a MAC 250 Wash into a new beam effect in minutes


The MAC 250 Beam is a new member of Martin Professional’s popular 250 watt series, an extremely punchy and compact beam fixture that generates variably sized pencil beams as well as wash effects via a motorized frost filter. It is available as an easy and inexpensive upgrade that installs in only 5 minutes on any existing MAC 250 Wash™ fixture.

Simple, inexpensive upgrade
The MAC 250 Beam upgrade kit consists of a new front module with micro Fresnel lens and a set of six beam effect gobos/apertures. It converts any standard Martin Professional MAC 250 Wash into a MAC 250 Beam in a matter of minutes, bringing new life and value to existing MAC 250 Wash fixtures for very little cost.

Intense, tight beam
The MAC 250 Beam’s intense light output and tight beam make for an extremely powerful mid air effect. The brilliant output is optimized via a glass cold light reflector.

A large diameter micro Fresnel lens produces a distinctive wide beam look that looks great mid-air, the same fat beam look as you get from 300 watt fixtures. A long 3000 hour lamp life translates into a lower cost of ownership and a choice of lamp options provides added flexibility.

The MAC 250 Beam projects a very narrow 3 to 8 degree beam for a real pencil effect, especially at smaller gobo apertures.

Colors and effects
The MAC 250 Beam’s CMY color mixing system produces a broad spectrum of colors with smooth cross fades in between colors for spectacular mid air effects.

A gobo wheel with 6 static gobos/apertures plus open allows for wider or tighter beam effects as well as multiple beams or cone looks. A motorized frost filter can be employed for soft beam or wash type effects. A high resolution dimming system provides smooth dimming and fast strobe effects.

Low noise cooling
The MAC 250 Beam is exceptionally quiet with variable fan control that keeps noise levels low to suit theater and TV studio applications. It features all the remarkable speed and quiet movement of the MAC 250 Series and a high-speed, automatic reset function realigns the fixture in seconds.

Maintenance and service ease
The MAC 250 Beam’s modular housing makes service and maintenance simple with fast access to modules and critical components for lower service costs and total cost of ownership. Re-lamping is a breeze as well.

A multi position, tilt arm lock eases maintenance and handling further and a switch mode power supply guarantees complete worldwide compatibility.

MAC 250 Beam components can be uninstalled and the fixture returned to a standard MAC 250 Wash configuration at any time.

Martin Web Site

American DJ ProPAR 56 LED


American DJ’s new ProPAR 56RGB is an RGB color-mixing LED fixture and the ProPAR 56CWWW is a warm/cool white LED fixture. Each features 36 1-watt LEDs: the ProPAR 56RGB has 12 red, 12 green and 12 blue LEDs and the ProPAR 56CWWW has 18 warm white (3000K) and 18 cool white (6,000K) LEDs.

Both feature 0-100 percent electronic dimming, a 10° beam angle and can run in six different DMX modes. They can also be operated without a controller in sound active, master/slave or manual modes and feature a 3-button DMX display panel on the rear, multi-voltage operation (100-240V).

AmericanDJ Website


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