Review – EAW NT 59

I have been using these speakers for a while and I am still as pleased with them as I was when we first unpacked them and installed them. They are still performing flawlessly and sounding just as great even though I also use other brand speakers at other venues I am still in love with the audio that comes out of these boxes. They are installed into a small to medium size venue that has a ranges of shows from concerts to dance schools.

The key features are:

  • 2-way full range
  • 1 x 15 in cone, sealed
  • 1.4 in exit, 3 in voice coil compression driver
  • Portable & Installation
  • 2 waySelf-powered bi-amped
  • New digital filters eliminate transient smear and horn “honk
  • Rugged, Baltic birch plywood enclosure
  • Extremely high output-to-weight ratio
  • Symmetrical shape allows mirror-image stage monitoring

The Specifications are:

  • Operating Range 50 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Beamwidth 90° (h) x 45° (v)
  • Power Handling/Output Self-powered; 127dB SPL (long term)Peak 133dB SPL
  • Maximum Output:  LF 63 V, 1000 W @ 4 ohm,  HF 45 V, 500 W @ 4 ohm

    EAW NT 59

    EAW NT 59

When you first lift these beasts out of the box you realise they are weighty but it is not to hard to handle.  They have handles on the side and the speaker is reasonably balanced when you carry them. Putting them onto a speaker stand is a bit more differcult and I would recommend that you have someone assist you in lifting the boxes, these boxes do 29 kilograms which is a bit unmanageable when above shoulder height. They is a solid look about them, even if a bit boring. A rather bland dark grey black colour. At they do not have a bright blue LED on front indicating to all that it works.  One thing you really notice is the slanted sides. These boxes can also be used on their sides as monitors.All of the connectors are on one of the rear panels, which are basicly your input socket and a loop socket. You will also find the power socket here as well, this is a powercon connector not an IEC lead. At least it will not fall out mid gig, but if you do leave behind you are not going to be able to pick one up in your local hardware store. also on the back panel there are status LEDS for both built-in amps. There also LEDS to indicate clipping, signal and limiter activity. There are 2 selector switches. one for the high pass filter and the other for coupling if using the speaker with others.

The amps in the speakers are field replaceable which I have never had to do as they get on going.  and to quote the datasheet “digital signal processing sets it apart. EAW invented new, digital filter algorithms, called Gunness Focusing™, to generate precise, complex, filter responses. These filters provide the linear phase response needed for transient accuracy while eliminating coloration from internal phase plug and horn mouth reflections. Digital limiting, specifically tailored to driver limitations and to maintain sound quality, provides more usable output while reducing the risk of driver damage” . I don’t know how this “magic” works but these speakers do sound great.

The audio is very clean and lifelike. Your ears do not get fatigued listening to them for long stretches of time. They are a very easy speaker to live mix on. The sound is full range and crystal clear, you can easily hear the elements of the mix. All instruments are nicely defined with no smearing. Vocals also shine. These are a great all-round speaker that will give you and your ears a great deal of pleasure and long service. They will produce a sound that you will not tire of for many years. You can also get a companion self-powered sub that is perfectly matched to these NT speakers. With the subs in place you get a truly massive sound from what is essentially a small, easily toured system. The size of the system belies the sound that does come out of it. They also have Rigging/Mounting Integral flytrackand also a pole cup mount.

Well done EAW, I must admit I have a slight bias towards their speaker system but I think it is justified.

Get yourself done to your nearest supplier for a listen today, you will like what you hear. I rate them an 8/10

Contact:  EAW for your nearest supplier in your country, state or town.


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