Jands @ Home in Adelaide

Adelaide seems to miss out on a lot of things and events that happen interstate. One these seem to be mini trade shows, by equipment suppliers and manufacturers. So it is a pleasant surprise when a company such as Jands decides to bring some of their new kit to town and show it off. So it was with a bit of excitement that I made my way to the the Lyrics room at the Festival Centre. It is so much nicer to actually see and touch some of the new gear so that you have a better understanding how it might work for you. Sure you can read info online and look at pictures, or even get a brochure but if you see it in person you can see how well it is made and there is likely to be a salesperson or some technical boffin who can answer your questions face to face. You are more likely to get a truthful answer that way. Also you must not forget the networking potential of this kind of event. The staff that Jands had in attendance were extremely friendly and helpful, a credit to the company.
So good on you Jands, I look forward to more events like this.Jands had a small showing of some cool equipment, but what was there was impressive. If there had been more equipment it might be to overwhelming. What they did have on display was representative of their wide range of products that they either represent or manufacture. So there was a showing of gear from Soundcraft, Clearcom, Shure, and BSS just to name a few.
Since I was at the trade show I might well write in a future article about the equipment that was on display, and give you my impressions.


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