Mixing from a Book

So you want to mix sound for a band. But were do you start? Does this plug into that? And what is that god awful noise?
These and many other questions can be answered by author Duncan R  Fry in his book “Live Sound Mixing”. This guy,please forgive, has been around for many,many years in the audio game. Duncan also write for CX magazine, a popular magazine run by Julius Grafton. He is also the one to blame for the ARX website as well. Duncan has a huge wealth of information about the art of mixing and from reading this book you realise that he is very happy to pass that knowledge on. The book is extremely easy to read. If you are a newbie or a seasoned pro, you will find this book very helpful.

The book is very informative, and written in a no nonsense style. There is no pages and pages of technical theory, just lots of practical information. It is all presented in a friendly manner with some great illustrations. After reading this book in reality you could set up a PA and get a reasonable sound. Even for people who have been doing sound for a few years it is a great refresher course.

Duncan takes you from basic principles, through what each piece of equipment is and how it works, to the actual process of mixing. There is a problem solving chapter which helps solve some of the most common problems. I identified with quite a few of these. The book also includes some handy hints on soldering, wiring cables up and how to set out your console.

I thoroughly recommend that all audio people sit down with a nice cup of coffee, not instant, and have a read of this book.

LSM_V4_cover Duncan’s web page is a good place to purchase this book  Dunkworld


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