I-Phone Revisited

When I posted my article listing some apps for the I-Phone I did not realise how popular the story would be. since then I have been reminded of a couple of applications that I missed. So I thought I would add a few more.

The first one to mention is one that I have been using for a little while.

iGobo (Free) – Rosco Labs

This is a rather neat gobo selection tool, that includes the complete Rosco range of gobo. A handy feature is you can rotate the gobo to see what it looks like. This is my personal favourite

ShowTool LD ($4.99 AU) – Daniel Murfin

ShowTool LD is an easy to use, yet powerful suite of utilities for Lighting Designers and Electricians.
BEAM CALC The beam calculator comes in 2 modes, Simple and Accurate. It also allows for specifying two angles for Pars etc.
GEL CUTS The gel cuts calculator provides powerful functionality for calculating the number of cuts and wastage from all major gel manufacturers and a wide range of frame sizes.
DIPS CALC The dip switch calculator allows inputting of DMX values and sets up the dip switches live in front of you! Works with both 1 = All off and 512 = All off dip switch setups.
DMX CALC The DMX calculator allows you to set the local address and universe to see the global DMX address, or set the global address to see the local address and universe simply and swiftly.

BeamCalc ($2.49 AU) – Westside Systems

BeamCalc calculates spotlight beam geometry. Enter the light’s height above the target and distance across the floor. BeamCalc shows the resulting throw distance and elevation angle. Enter the light’s beam size in degrees to calculate the pool width. Adjust beam size or location to achieve required pool size. BeamCalc works with any units: feet, inches, centimeters, … even miles.

PowerCalc($1.19 AU) – Westside Systems

PowerCalc calculates electrical power loads. Enter a wattage to determine the electrical current in amps. Or enter rated ampacity of a device and see maximum wattage load. Works for any voltage. Select two or three phase service to see amps per leg and total wattage for a multiphase power distribution. AC Inductive mode allows setting of power factor and selection of single phase or three phase motor power calculations.

DMXCalc ($1.19 AU) – Westside Systems

DMXCalc helps you with all basic DMX address arithmetic for entertainment lighting system setup.

GoboLand (Free) – Goboland

It is Gobolands full catalogue. very handy if you want to preview gobos.

I am sure there are more, but I will keep those for another post. Feel free to send me suggestions on apps you thinks techies will love and enjoy.

Cheers, Stephen


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