What Clients should expect

What should a client get when they hire a venue for their production.  Well the first thing they should expect is quality customer service. They should be treated as important in the scheme of things. Yes we may have other shows on our mind but they usually only have the one production to think about. And this production is the most important to them. So we also have to treat it like that as well. Clients should be made aware of what they will receive for their money and also what possible extra charges they may be up for. You will occasionally find a venue that will charge you for each piece of equipment that you use. This is really bizarre and maybe a venue that clients keep clear of. Most venues come with a reasonable range of equipment and it is all included in the price. Things like microphones, chairs etc. Also you should be quoted a rough price for the technician and the approximate hours that they are going to work. The technical support hours are going to be the one variable in the equation, it is not possible to give an accurate figure because of the variable nature of a production. The venue should be clean and tidy. The equipment that is listed in the technical specifications should all be working or a substitute organised by the venue. The lighting and audio should also be in its standard configuration. Basicly the venue should ready for the client at their appointed time of arrival. They should not have to wait around for the venue to get its act together.


One thought on “What Clients should expect

  1. Jeez, I can think of one venue we’ve both worked at that is the complete opposite!

    Charging for individual item hire is a joke and certainly helps to turn away anything besides a simple recital type performance (ie 1 mic and 1 cd player required). Venues should have a standard kit that is included in the hire costs, makes it easier for the client and much easier for the staff who then have to explain the stupid venue hire policy.

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