As a venue tech you will end up working on a whole range of show types. So you need to a wide variety of skills. You also need to have an understanding of the various types of shows and clients that you would be dealing with. You also have to tailor your work style as well. Each client has different expectations, and they expect you to act accordingly. You need to be able read the person and act accordingly. Some clients stress out, and they are constantly worry and smetimes ask for very complex set ups, but you need to stay and reassure them.
But each type of show will bring it’s own set of problems. Some types of shows take longer than others to set up. You will find that shows with radio mics will take a bit longer to set up. You need to make sure that the radio frequencies don’t clash, and you need to spend a bit more time with the eq. This is especially true with lapel or headset mics. Dance shows require you to set up sidelights and probably lay a dance floor. I am sue we can all think of problems and issues that all shows can throw up. It is just a matter of learning and remembering what you did. It is sometimes a good idea to make notes, you can then use them as reference material the next time.

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