Good Manners for Techs

Now this might seem a strange title for a post dealing with tech theatre. But it is a fundamental concept that will help to make all techs lives easier. And we all like a hassle free easy way to getting on with our jobs. Has it not annoyed when you step up to the lighting or audio desk only to discover that it still has settings from the previous show and user. With analog audio desks this can be a long process, with some of these desks there are hundreds of controls to return to zero state. Digital desks should also be returned to a standard set up and any show cues etc deleted fro the desk. There is nothing worse than trying to make do with what was previoulsly set  when you are under pressure from a client.

And then there is the lighting desk, with lighting states recorded over loads of pages. Again it only takes a few minutes for the outgoing tech to clear all the states ready for the incoming tech to start with no hassles.

When I use equipment that I have hired I return it to zero for the next customer, nothing worse than turning on a desk and getting something odd because someone else set it up in a strange configuration. I know you should check the desk furst before power up etc., but if you are in a hurry with the client breathing down your neck.

Maybe we should put labels on the equipment reminding technicians to return the desk to standard.

This can also be applied to the venue. Make sure you return the lighting rig to standard and the audio set up to standard. Make sure everything is put back in its correct place. If you do change anything, or something breaks make a note so that the next technician that comes in knows about it. If a lamp blows and you don’t have time to change it make a note, it would be nice if you did change it.

There is nothing worse than spending clients time fixing up problems or returning stuff to standard. Does not make the venue look good and can be taken as a sign of poor customer service.

So the next time you finish think about the next technician that will be doing the next shift.


One thought on “Good Manners for Techs

  1. GOLDEN RULE – Leave It As You Found It.

    Generally applies to most situations, unless of course the person in front of you did the wrong thing.

    Nothing like trying to figure out why you have no audio, to find that there is a break in the link somewhere along the line where you would least expect it.

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