Philips – benign or not?

Probably most of you have noticed  trend over the last few years, and that trend is Philips buying up loads of companies that are theatrical lighting companies. Just this year they have purchased Selecon and also Dynalite, and that’s just in Australia. Worldwide this company has purchased major players in the theatrical lighting arena. Companies like Strand and Vari-Lite have also been bought up as well.Below you will see a pic of the brand names that Philips owns.  One might say that this is allowing these companies to continue and not go under. But there is a possibility that the company might become to big and own to many lighting brands. And then we lose the competitive edge that keeps the prices at a level that consumers are happy with.  It is not only companies that make equipment for the entertainment industry that Philips are buying but also companies that are involved in domestic and commercial lighting. We as consumers always need to carefully watch these business trends, the bottom line for these companies is profits and their shareholders. So the consumer is not always going to be the winner no matter how much a company says that it there for them. The entertainment industry needs to maintain competitive pricing between manufacturers. This same thing has also happened in the audio market, with LOUD buying multiple audio companies,  some of which are making similar products for similar markets. So we need to keep on the ball and make sure that we are not ripped off, and if we see a problem occuring we stand up and have a say and not bury our heads.



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