NEWS May 2009

Audix Mics rock with AC/DC

AC/DC are undertaking their first in seven years and Audix mics are included in the tour.

Paul Boothroyd is one of Britains leading audio guys and is also the FOH audio engineers for the current tour by AC/DC. He has also mixed for the likes of Paul McCatney and Dire Straits. He has worked for AC/DC since their BallBreaker Tour in 1996.

He has picked Audix mics for this tour after the success he had with the drum mics on the Paul McCartney tour. On the McCartney tour he added some Micro-D beneath the cymbals, which gave a great sound keep the stage bleed down to a minimum. A D6 was used on the kick, i5 on the snare, D4 on the toms and an SCX1-HC for the high hat. A very impressive kit of mics for a drum kit.

A new Element in Lighting

Jands are now supplying the new ETC Elements lighting console which is based on the Eos® control system but with a simplified feature set in a stand-alone console.This console is directed at smaller venues like schools and houses of worship who depend on single console operators or volunteer staffers. It is designed to handle rigs outfitted predominantly with conventional fixtures (spotlights, PARs, fresnels, and their accessories – scrollers, mirror heads, gobo rotators, etc.), while also accommodating some LED fixtures and/or a small number of simple moving lights.

ETC has addressed a number of special requirements in this new console

  • 1. Channel Faders: ETC engineered Element with true LTP channel faders for handling simple shows directly or for building up looks for use as submasters or cues, or for editing levels live.
  • 2. Submasters: By turning a switch, Element’s channel faders become 40 submasters for simple playback of live shows. When submasters are needed all the time, the Element 60 console provides 20 additional dedicated submaster faders.
  • 3. Cue Stacks: Element records cues and fade times into a single cue list for simple playback of more complex shows using a GO button just like full blown professional theatre consoles and, when you are ready to move up, you can access more complex timing functions like cue parts and follows to create more intricate lighting transitions.
  • 4. Effects: Element also opens the realm of special effects to basic operators by recording effects directly into cues or loading them into submasters for more dynamic lighting looks.
  • 5. Non conventional fixture Control: Element even navigates basic accessory, LED and moving-light control. At the press of a button, the console’s On Demand ML Controls appear on screen with tools designed to control smaller numbers of non-intensity equipment like scrollers, gobo rotators and mirror heads for conventional fixtures. Element’s colour and gel-picker tools simplify the control process further, applying appropriate colours to LEDs and colour-mixing accessories and fixtures.ETC_Elementweb

Powersoft powers Peter Gabriel

At Peter Gabriel’s recent concert in Buenos Aires this year, a variety of Powersoft amps were used for the JBL PA. The amps used were the Powersoft K10, K8 and the K6. This would have sounded huge.


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