The Recession and Theatre

In this time of economic downturn, what effect is it going to have on the entertainment field. Are we going to see the number of shows cut back. Are we going to see the amount of money that the audiences are willing to spend each year drop? I think we could be in for a tight time in this industry. A lot of people are going to be after the same dollar, so we to be very clever in the way that we sell shows to the public. A lot of companies are going to be fighting each other as they are going to be putting on similar type of shows. So these companies are going to have to work out how to get the audience to open their wallet for their show and not the competitors show. They are going to need to specifically target certain key groups, they will need to produce shows that will appeal to certain core groups. They are going to need to develop a database of audiences and target them. Companies are going to have to use their marketing money in smarter ways. They need to try and not use the shotgun method of print, ads, radio ads etc. They need to target their previous audiences via mail outs and email. They need to become very net savvy, this is especially true for amateur companies. In fact using new media techniques could in fact save money for a company. Also they can use social media methods to find new audiences.  If a company knows far enough in advance their shows they can get start a very cheap search for new audiences though avenues such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Find people that might like the authors and possibly have not seen a production of this author’s works. And Target them. Also use social media where younger people hang out, if a production happens to be linked to the school curriculum, aim for these students with the idea that seeing a live version might help them with their study.

We all have to tighten our belts and use what we have left more effectively. We need to listen to our audiences. And social media sites are a great way to reach out to them and also a fantastic way to get feedback. And it is certainly a lot cheaper than traditional methods.


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