Strand Patt123 Fresnel – Preloved gear

Along with Strand’s famous Patt 23 profile this must be one Strands most well known small fresnel. And I bet we all have used one and there are a still a lot giving great service around the world in various venues. This Fresnel is built along the lines of the Patt 23 in that it is rather solid but simple and reliable in operation. The light output was adequate for most small venues. As with a lot of the older equipment the body got very hot when running and it was a bit of a challenge to change a lamp or re-focus if the fitting had been running for a while. To change the lamp you pressed a catch on the top that would let you swing down the front half of the fitting and the lamp tray. It was always a good idea to move the lamp adjuster to near the rear so as to make it easier to remove the old T-1 lamps. You also had to make sure that this catch was latching correctly before you sent the lantern back up in the air. It did have a tendancy to let go. The lantern had two colour filter runners so you could also add the optional barn door fitting to the fixture. Overall thsi was a pretty reasonable piece of kit and has survived many years and is still giving reliable service.

Strand Patt 123

Strand Patt 123

I would Rate this as a 7/10


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