News – 27th March 09

Production Audio now shipping the EAW MW 15

This new member of the EAW family of speakers is certainly going to be well recieved. The wedge is a nice clean looking, low profile wedge sutaible for events ranging from sorparate to full concerts.

To quote the Production Audio Newsletter “The EAW MicroWedge MW15 is collaboration between original MicroWedge Series inventor Dave “Rat” Levine (owner of Rat Sound Systems, Inc.) and the EAW Engineering Department, resulting in dramatically upgraded performance and ergonomics. The coaxial design pairs a 15-inch woofer with a 3-inch (diaphragm) HF compression driver on a horn that provides full yet controlled 90-degree horizontal dispersion. The large port on the front of the cabinet enhances LF response in coupling with the floor, and it houses both the carrying handle and the passive/active mode switch. The port also contains dual input connectors. Integral rigging hardware mounted on the enclosure bottom facilitates easy flying.”

I am certainly looking forward to using this new monitor in the near future.

for info contact Production Audio

Aviom stars at the Oscars

the 81st Academy Awards were certainly exciting, but for audio people it was more exciting with the use of the Aviom Pro 16 monitor mixing system. This is a very versatile system that allows you to do a custom monitor mix. Each band member was fed audio this allowed them to select which parts of the audio they would like to hear, helping to keep everyone on cue. They could listen to the mix or only parts of the mix. The Aviom system is very versatile, and more and more venues and event in Australia are using it.Aviom pioneered personal mixing with its Pro16® Monitor Mixing System and continues to break new ground with the revolutionary Pro64® Series of audio networking products. With tens of thousands of products in the field today, Aviom has set the standard for high performance, scalable digital solutions.

for info contact Production Audio

Golden Grove goes Digital

Golden Grove Arts Centre in South Australia has just taken possession of a Yamaha LS-9 digital mixing console. This will make it a very update metropolitan in the Adelaide suburbs. The LS9 is the ideal solution for such live scenarios as small to medium venue installations, concert tours, FOH, monitoring, sub-mixing, houses of worship, education and corporate events.n addition, the LS9 introduces a new and exciting feature to Yamaha’s digital mixing console range: MP3 format digital audio recording and playback. For the first time, users can capture virtually anything – stereo, mix, matrix, or direct channel outs – on an external USB flash drive inserted via the USB Storage port on the side of the LS9’s raised display panel. The LS9 performs real-time MP3 encoding on-board and stores audio recordings on the inserted flash drive for future reference or distribution. The LS9’s playback function allows effortless playback of MP3 audio stored on a USB flash drive, giving users the ability to play back any pre-recorded material without the need for external hardware. The USB memory player is compatible with MP3, AAC and WMA file formats at 96, 128 or 196 kbps.

for info  contact Golden Grove Arts Centre

Starplex goes MAXIM

The Starplex Theatre at Trinity College in Gawler has taken deliver of the LSC Maxim XXLP. This will give them a worldclass lighting desk which is ideally suited to this large 1200 seat venue. The desk has come with the usb upgrade which means that it can work with the CAPTURE software. It will also accept an input from a pointing device, which will be very helpful with moving lights. The PaTPad™ Moving LightController with 6 encoders and text displayers. Full Effects engine for instant creation of movements and custom shapes. Up to 90 physical playback faders for instantaneous control of memories in a live situation. Built tough to cope with the rough life of a touring console. It is great to see another SA venue upgrading and improving theatre in South Australia.

for info contact Starplex


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