Why do people like MP3 (crap) music

MP3 players are a retrograde step in the quality of music. More and more we are asked to play music from an mp3 player and the quality is not as good as a CD. Do people not care how good it could sound?It strikes me as rather strange that you have a fifty thousand dollar PA system and then you play 128k/bits MP3 file through it. You might as well use a high quality cassette tape. If you are going to use mp3 please at least encode them at a higher bit rate, so that they sound more like the CD. If you do an A/B test with an mp3 file and a CD you will definitely notice a lack of sound quality in the mp3. You often find with a mp3 file that time resolution can be too low for highly transient signals and may cause smearing of percussive sounds. Also you might find that some players have better encoders and decoders than others and that this also will have an effect on the percieved quality of the the sound. In general it is better to encode your mp3’s at the highest possible bitrate of 320k/bits. TheName of the game is high quality not how many songs you can fit onto a disk or in memory.


5 thoughts on “Why do people like MP3 (crap) music

  1. Another word of advice. Stay clear of Variable Bit Rate. Constant Bitrate provides a better quality. Some may argue that encoding in constant just wastes data space by providing the same amount of compression in the softer or quieter parts of songs as in the louder parts of songs. I have done A/B comparisons at VBR and at constant 320k/b and the constant won. I certainly heard a difference in the quality of the silent or quieter parts which are just as important as the louder parts.

    If your arguement for VBR is related to space saving then I argue that with the Gb/$ falling like it has, go buy a larger hard drive!

  2. I can hear the difference between 128kpbs and higher. For me, 192kpbs is really similar to 320kpbs already. I cannot hear the difference unless I was already really familiar with the track, and I was doing side-by-side comparison. As for CD and 320kpbs, I can’t hear the difference. Then again, I’m not talking about using state-of-the-art systems. Maybe just using them on regular household headphones don’t make a huge difference.

    I think, if you ask for CD quality, some people might just burn their 128kpbs onto a CD for you to use, which is no help at all…

  3. CD is far superior to MP3, I use MP3 for convenience, but lately started to go back to the better format, and to be honest 99% of music today is utter shit.

  4. It won’t make any difference high or low bitrate,varible or constant bitrate, mp3 stays the biggest crap in the world.Even making music out of a computer it’s all crap.

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