News 7th March

Vari-Lite go LED

What has been a rumour for many months has now come true. Vari-lite will be releasing in the near future a LED powered moving light fixture. It is going under the name of VLX LED moving light. This unit uses 630watts of LEDs with 3 times time the Lumen efficiency of tungsten sources. VLX will have a removable zoom system giving users the freedom to configure the lantern with a variety of lens The company states that the “VLX produces perfect color mixing without any distracting color shadows. The luminarie has an extensive colour gambit that offers designers colour choices not previously possible with other conventional subtractive or additive systems. The color temperature is variable and can be seamlessly adjusted between 3200k and 6000k. Colour shifts and strobing are stunningly quick.” This is a major move by a market leader into the LED lighting field.

LOUD Rumours

Amid the rumours that LOUD Technologies is in financial trouble. LOUD are the manufacturers of MACKIE, Tapco, EAW, Ampeg, Crate, Martin Audio, Alvarez. Rumours had been flying around that the company was about to file for bankruptcy. The rumours started late last year when LOUD announced that they were cutting 90 positions or 18% of the work force. For the last couple of years LOUD has been posting losses. Just before Christmas LOUD announced that one of it major Chinese manufacturing partners had ceased production of certain products that represented one third of the companies net profits. So on the 15th January LOUD Technologies Inc. announces an intention to Voluntarily delist Common Stock from NASDAQ Stock Market and Terminate Registration as a Public Company. This way they do not have to release theirs figures to the market. Things do look grim for LOUD, even though the company is trying to put a positive spin on the plight of the company. Their CEO, Rodney Olsen, believes that the company will emerge from this in a much stronger position.

4PAK-D Dimmer from Jands

Jands have released a rather need successor to their faithful Quad pak. We are bound to soon see this device all over the place, such as schools, churchs and trade shows. The unit integrates an enhanced four channel multi-scene/chaser control desk, dimmer and interconnecting cables into a single, easy to use economical unit. Additionally a DMX-512 input allows the 4Pak-D to be used as a slave dimmer from an external DMX control source.
some of its features are:
Four (4) identical control channels may be controlled
via the front panel or remotely by DMX
• A fader and flash button per channel for manual control
• A mimic LED per channel provides visual indication
of each channel’s output at all times
• High brightness LED display
• Easy to use menu-based setup
• Predefined and user programmable chases
• User programmable scenes
• ANSI E1.11-2004 DMX-512-A digital control input
• ANSI E1.20-2006 RDM compliant
• “Signal” LED for DMX signal indication
• Link capability for expanded operation
• Four (4) output circuits set for linear relationship between
the control input and output power
• Opto-fired high current Triac output devices
• Master over-current thermal-magnetic circuit breaker
• Supplied complete with captive 1.7m lead and plug
• Connections to the lights are made via four
(4) standard outlets on the back panel
• Durable polyester front panel decal
• Integral carry handle


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