News 18th Feb 2009

ETC enters the LED market

ETC has just purchased the company Selador. This company is known for its innovative LED devices. This is going to be an excitingtime for ETC. LEDS are making thier way into the entertainment industry and now with one the major players invovled we will see them make further inroads.

Inauguration Of President Barack Obama

For of you that watched the inauguration of the newly elected US President, you may have wondered what the line array was that was used for this momentous event. Well Baltimore-based audio systems provider Maryland Sound supplied  JBL VerTec ® line arrays as the main PA system for the inauguration of President Barack Obama on January 20. There was an estimated crowd of 1.5 million people. Sound designer and Front of House Pat Baltzell of Baltzell Audio Design, configured an audio system that was based  on the high output and easy setup of JBL VerTec VT4889 large-format line array elements. There was a total of fifteen towers with with between 4 and 14 VT 4889 line array elements. all of this was powered by Crown I-Tech amplifiers. The set up consisted of two main towers and the other 13 towers were used as delays. The VIP area recieved audio from the main towers plus also some supplementary speakers such as JBL VP7315DP powered loudspeakers, VRX932 portable line array loudspeakers and Control 25AV pole-mounted speakers.

The Front of House Engineer Pat Baltzell was extremely pleased with the results and commented that the JBL VerTec line array was the ideal choice for this kind of event and the size of the audience.


One thought on “News 18th Feb 2009

  1. Re: LEDs… have a look into Plasma Bulbs. They are also a new upcomer, maybe a few or many years yet, but some exciting technology none the less, by no means a “new concept”.
    Luxim are a company in California who produce these bulbs and have a line called the LiFi bulb which has had a press release for use in the entertainment industry.
    Interesting stuff.

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