Festivals and safety

This story has a universal theme. Most places have a festival or 2, many of them based around multiple venues. Now organising a Festival is a fairly daunting task. But I sometimes wonder how much effort is put into making sure that all venues are up to scratch in regards to occupational health and safety. Does the festival’s governing body go around and check each venue. Or are the going to reply on the venue to make sure that they comply to the regs. Or do the performing company that is hiring the venue need to make sure that the place is safe. This is a very grey area. Each and every party has a duty of care and they all need to be looking at the risk factors together in a concerted effort. At least this is what I hope. I know in the venues that I work , each client needs to complete a risk assessment of their production and we also maintain our venues in a top notch condition. But I wonder if other venues around the world do the same.  I know of a few venues here that need a bit of a spruce up in regards to Occupational Health and Safety matters. I hope that the governing bodies concerned at least remind venues of their duty of care to the producing companies and the audiences that attend these events. We all need to work together to make that these events happen with the minimum of risk to everybody concerned. I know if I visit a venue that is not up to code I am likely to report it first to the management and then if there is no resolution then I will go to the appropriate authorities . In this era of litigation we all need to be vigilant.


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