Mixing Audio

Mixing audio can be a fun and satisfying task. But it is also dependent on the band you are working with. You are going to come across a range of bands and skill levels. You will find people that are extremely easy to work with. Some people can articulate what they want very well. You will find that some old troupers that are in their 60’s that are extremely easy to get along with. They have been in venues that are absolute dives up to very palatial venues. They also have worked with people with no technical skills to top flight technicians. So they knew how to ask and gently cajole a reasonable sound for the audience. And they are not so demanding in their requirements for foldback, as in the early days they did not have foldback. So any foldback that you give them makes them very grateful. Some of these artists include Toni Lamond and Barry Crocker.  Also some bands that tour without thier own sound systems also can be really easy to get along with, one that springs to mind is the “Sensitive New Age Cowpersons” and the SA Police Band. These guys have their internal balance nicely set up so all you have to do is mic the relevant instruments and it is easy to get a nice balance happening. Some of the harder bands to work with can be high school aged bands and bands starting to make it in the industry. They see the way top bands act and have been to see shows where they sound is stunning. They now expect this in the venue that they are playing but they do not have a real understanding of the processes needed to put on these mega shows. so they are expecting extreme volume in foldfback and FOH, but not realising that you need to have a truck load of equipment to achieve this. They don’t understand that the equipment that you have at the venue is not designed to do this, and they need to modify their needs slightly to make it work better. Just the simple fact of them turning down their amps on stage can make a big difference. Also with some of the bands that are starting up they are already trying to act like stars and with the techs at the various venues this does not go down well. As these techs have seen it all.

So as you can see that doing audio as a venue tech can be an interesting job.


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