What’s New 11th Feb 08

High End to discontinue Studio Beam and Cyberlight

These fittings have been used and loved by many technicians over the last 10 years. But the parent company Barco/High End Systems are moving in new directions such as digital projection. Items such as the DL3 digital projection moving head. We look forward to new and exciting equipment from this company in future years.

ILED StageWash 54

This is a LED powered moving wash fitting that is new from ILED. It uses 54 Luxeon K2 LEDS in red, green, blue and white. This unit has standard moving wash type functions like strobe, electronic dimming. This unit is controlled via DMX or it can operate in a stand alone configuration. Estmated price is about $4400 and is available from www.ulagroup.com

EAW KF730 Line Array

Adelaide’s Australian Audio & Lighting Technology has added an EAW KF730 Line array plus SB730 subs  to their extensive hire department. This system has become very popular around Adelaide. It was used with a resounding success at SALT Church Carol’s Night at Gawler. The sound was crisp and clean. No-one in the crowd missed out on quality sound. All 5000 people could hear Paulini’s crystal clear vocals. For more information call Peter at Australian Audio & Lighting Technology on ( 08 ) 8373 4222 or via the web at www.aalt.com.au


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