Maintenance Tips #4

Cleaning lights might be a simple job but there are a few things to look for while you are doing this task. Usually I combine this task with testing and tagging. Therefore when you return the light to the rig it is safe and in the best condition possible. So let me give you a few tips for each type of light.

Check and clean all exterior airflow holes, it is amazing how many insects you will find in them.

Check the operation of the stirrup locking mechanism – on the Patt 23 the bolt from the stirrup into the body can loosen and the best way to fix this is to remove in interval lamp reflector and use a spanner to tighten the internal nuts on both sides of the body.

With zoom profiles make sure that both lens are cleaned both sides and they both move freely, and that the lenses are not cracked.

Check that all of the electrical connectors are in good condition.

Make sure that all earth’s are connected.

Some brands also have a microswitch that turns of the power to the lamp when you open the lamp cover to replace the lamp.

Check that all of the shutters move freely.

Check the power cable for damage.

Patt 23 showing stirrup

Patt 23 showing stirrup


Again check and clean all exterior airflow holes.

Check all of the mechanical functions.

Check all wiring, external and internal.

Clean both sides of the lens.

clean the reflector.



Floods/ cyc units

Basic a simple light to clean.

Clean body and air holes.

Check the mechanical components for wear and tear.

Clean the reflector.

Also check all the wiring inside and outside.

Prolite cyc units

Prolite cyc units


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