Prolite PR10 -F

This fresnel from Queensland manufacturer is yet another popular lantern in schools and community theatres. This lantern is a good workhorse that is well made. The fitting weighs just over 4 kgs and comes complete with attached safety chain. When you unpack the unit you also get the colour frame as well. Optional extra is the barndoors. The lantern is very well made and should last for many years.  In use this is an easy fitting to work with.  The light output for this kind of light is very good, the lens is very white so the output is very clean looking. The beam angle varies from 7 degrees to 63 degrees, which is a very useful range. In fact when compared to one of the industry standards, the Selecon Compact Fresnel 1200, the beam angle is better. The Prolite does offer the Selecon a good run for the money. It also performs well against the Selecon Compact Fresnel 1200 replacement the Selecon RAMA.  In use I found this unit to very easy and did exactly what I wanted it to do. Focusing was easy and barndoor operation was OK. When it comes to servicing and cleaning this unit, it was very easy. Everything is laid out in an easy to get to fashion. Lamp changing is very easy with the side mounted drop down door. This unit can take the standard T-29 1200w lamp or with a slight modification of the lamp base spacers, which is explained in the instructions, you can use the T-19 100w lamp.  This fitting represents good value for money.

Prolite PR10-F Fresnel

Prolite PR10-F Fresnel

The R.R.P for this lantern is $391.51 inc gst. This represents very good value for a very good lantern.

I would give this unit an 8/10


One thought on “Prolite PR10 -F

  1. ya i would have to agree on that

    my old secondary college has about 15 of these and have had them for about 15 years


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