Customer Service 101

Now this might sound bland and boring, but as technicians we need to always be aware that we are being paid by a customer for our services. This is especially true of of venue technicians. Venue technicians need to be able to create the vision of the client. Now that client maybe very knowledgeable or the may have very little information about what they want. We as venue technicians need to guide the client in the direction that they need to go. We cannot lead in the direction we think they need to go, as in the end the client will be unsatisfied with the result. We have to extract what the customer expects and make it happen in the way they want. We can give them ideas, but they have to have the final say. When working with people and groups we need to establish who is in charge and take our lead from them. But in some groups you will find that there seems to be a committee that do not always seems to agree, have trouble communicating with each other and will often give you conflicting information. So a venue techs day can be interesting and frustrating, and we feel like we want to lose our cool and bank a few heads together and tell them what they should have. Now that might feel good but the ramifications for that course of action is going to be rather nasty. You need to be able to read the people and you need a way to break the tension when its starts to go pear-shaped. Humour can help, but some people do not react well to humour in tense situations. You need to keep calm and remember that you are there to help them achieve their goal, you are not there to look like the tech with attitude who has great skills but nobody wants to work with.  You need to assume that there maybe problems and the way to work towards a great outcome is clear communication channels, this can start weeks before their event. What you need to do is sit down and talk through the event. Make notes and listen to them. Try not to interupt as they state their ideas. It is at these meeting that you will get a feel for the event. And you will be prewarned  about any potential problems etc. Once you have a feeling of the event and list of stuff that they are going to require, you should find that things will start of very smoothly. There will be none of this feeling ” who are these people and why are they acting the way they are”. Usually these people are nervous and maybe and little intimediated by you and they venue. make them feel at home. Treat them with respect and they will start to feel comfortable. Once they start feeling comfortable they will start to listen to you as you try to help and improve their event.  you have to realise they are experts in their feild like you are an expert in your fields. When they arrive greet them with a smile. If they are happy your day will go smoother and you both will achieve what you wanted.


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