Prolite PR7 Profiles

Prolite have been making lights in Australia for many years. They are based in sunny Queensland. A lot of schools and small community theatres have at least a few of this brand in their lighting stock. The PR7l amp; comes in 4 different types. There are beam angle variations, the 15 to 25 deg zoom range and the 25 to 40 deg zoom range. And also 2 lamp options, the axial lamp and the normal base down lamp. They all weigh at around 5 kilos. They are well made units. And the focus, zoom and lamp adjuster knobs are plastic and they do not get to hot. The body of the lamp does get rather hot. The fitting has a permanent safety wire attached which is the way to go, you are never without a safety cable. Lamp changing is relatively quick. The colour frame is held captive with a sliding lock mechanism, this is handy when you hand the fitting at strange angles. You can move the stirrup up and down the body with the use of a few tools, some time and patience. This is very handy if you need to hang the lantern with the nose straight down. For this you move the stirrup back towards the gobo slot. But you need to remember to slide it back to its original position. The stirrup clamps do have difficulty holding the fitting in a lock position if you use the stirrup in the extreme positions. This is possibly something the manufacturer should look at, as I have had problems locking the fitting off. It usually droops at the most in-opurtune time. When you get one of these fittings brand new you need to install the shutters yourself. The shutters are the weak point with this fitting. They are not as effective as the shutters in the more expensive lanterns. They have a tendency to come out as you are adjusting them. They also not that great at beam shaping, you do not have as much control as with other brands. The light output of these fittings is very reasonable and it seems very even across the beam. The beam can be tweaked with the lamp slide adjuster. There is a little bit of colour fringing on the the edges of the beam when it is sharply focused. Overall this is a very good lantern for its price.  It certainly is well priced for the school market. It will give many year of good service and you can get spare parts from the company. Prices start at $475 inc GST.

You can find more info at Prolite

I give this unit a rating of 7/10

Prolite PR7

Prolite PR7


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