Stage Manager’s Kit

You will find that all professional Stage Managers have a kit they carry around with them at all times. This is a treasure trove of bits and pieces that will help the stage manager in doing thier duties. Below is a list of items that you might find in a Stage Manager’s kit. This of course can vary depending on your preferences. But basically anything that makes your job as a Stage Manager easier is fair game for the kit.

  • Scale ruler
  • 3-hole punch
  • highlighters
  • pens
  • pencils
  • sharpies
  • coloured pencils
  • post-it notes
  • paper clips
  • erasers
  • stapler (w/ spare staples)
  • staple remover
  • hole punch
  • glue
  • super glue
  • labeler
  • velcro strips
  • scissors
  • hair pins
  • needle
  • thread
  • safety pins
  • seam ripper
  • rubber bands
  • cotton balls
  • kleenex
  • ibuprofen
  • aspirin
  • tampons
  • Band-Aids (assorted sizes)
  • instant cold pack
  • rubber gloves
  • scissors
  • 5m measuring tape
  • 15 m measuring tape
  • utility knife
  • pliers (needle nose, slip joint, and diagonal)
  • batteries (9v and AA)
  • nail clippers
  • gaffa tape
  • spike tape
  • glow tape
  • shifter
  • jewellers screwdrivers
  • mini mag-light

3 thoughts on “Stage Manager’s Kit

  1. Three things I can never leave without: my Leatherman, a roll of gaffa (the good $50 a roll stuff) and my torch (dual torch action, a wide beam, a sharper narrower beam, and turn the top and it turns into a flashing amber warning light!)

    Great stuff Stephen, keep it up!

  2. Na; where can I find one of those torches!? That sounds amazing, I think my ASM sometimes needs to see my amber warning light, hehe! (I’m in the UK so website would be great, thanks!)


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