Theatre vs Sports

Lets set the cat among the pigeons. Do you remember at school you had access to music, drama, dance or any sport. Once you left high school what do you have access to that is partially funded to the government -sporting facilities to play basketball, volleyball etc. The are a lot of sports centres that are funded by local government and state government to offer you the consumer very low cost sport facilities. Here you and your mates can get together for a game or three.  Now if you were involved in music, dance or drama do you have the same access to similar facilities? Unfortunately no is the answer. There are lessons you can take at a high cost. And there are amateur theatre groups and bands etc.  But a lot of these are not subsidised to the same level that sports are.  So why does the government not supply similar facilities for the Arts. The reason seems that we are viewed as a sporting nation by the rest of the world. By the same token that means that anything artistic that comes out of the country is not going to be taken seriously by the world and by our own nation. It is time to put more money into the creative side of Australia. But, I hear you say, we have a variety of theatres and other venues around the place. surely that is the same as sporting venues. But no it is not. These venues charge a fee to use them and that is not cheap. The venues do not have the same amount of subsidies as the sporting venues, If it was the same we would have more performing arts. So we need places for musicians, dancers and performers to hang about developing thier skills and these need to be funded by the government. Participants then only pay a small fee to take part. I am sure we would see more talent emerge and also see more people attneding the performing arts.


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